Shows, Shots and Snacks: Places to watch your favorite shows in New York City, Part 2                                                 By PJ Verica


The Walking Dead

    If you’re anything like Chris and you don’t watch Girls, you can’t wait for the return of the zombies on February 10th.  You can get your fill (116 inches of it) of the creepy, crawly and in my opinion, totally terrifying show while getting your wine drunk on at  Brooklyn Winery (213 North 8th between Driggs and Roebling, Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  If it’s any normal day and the G train is being a bitch, stay in Greenpoint and watch brains get eaten at t.b.d. (224 Franklin at Green, Greenpoint, Brooklyn,, while sampling all 12 beers on tap. Sundays 9pm. Free through Mar 31

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