Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Le Comptoir by PJ Verica

Le Comptoir

251 Grand Street

New York New York 11211  

    If you were looking for an all you can drink brunch in Williamsburg with ridiculously delicious food, look no further than Le Comptoir. For $26 (or a little more with certain entrees) you can treat yourself to a fabulously boozy afternoon. Tucked unceremoniously into a small space on Grand St., Le Comptoir is cooking up French inspired food as they pour you glass after glass of Bloody Mary, mimosa or rosetti (strawberry and champagne). They say the time limit is two hours which is probably strictly enforced on a busy day, but we definitely stayed and drank longer than that. 





    It's hit or miss with a wait so I'd recommend making an OpenTable reservation, but if you do have to worries. You can start your drinking in a comfy elevated waiting area. 

    I HIGHLY recommend the Braised Short Ribs Benedict. The meat was cooked so perfectly and blended with the hollandaise sauce in a delicious fashion. We also tried the Croque Madame, Tartine au Short Ribs, and the Roasted and Spinach Au Gratin. Not a bad taste in the bunch. 

    In terms of the Bloody, it was lackluster, but what do you expect from AYCD? Definitely a mix, Mr. and Mrs. T's if my taste buds are not mistaken, but tasty enough. I did wind up switching to mimosas after my first three Bloodys. So for the drink, 2 out of 5 celery stalks. Not for the flavor but for the alcohol. 

    Although the Bloody didn't earn a very high rating, the experience does. Go with friends, go as a double date, go with your roommate I don't care just go! The food, the drinks, the buzz you have when you leave...just a fantastic time.


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