Accomidating Special (Interest) Needs 

by Christopher Blakeley

Suddenly Obamacare Meme

    For all this talk about caring for the little guy and the American people, the Obama administration sure makes it easy for Big Businesses to get by. The super-legal move comes at a time when a train called Obamacare, is achieving Chinese high-speed rail status and barreling towards oblivion. The Obama administration has decided to post-pone the employer mandate (among other provisions) due to implementation issues, yet leave the individual mandate tax in place.

    They seem to be postponing portions of the law that seem to conflict with a speedy implementation, or those that are simply inconvenient for the Obama administration. It’s kind of like that time when Obama decided not to enforce DOMA, even though it is the job of the Executive branch to enforce statutes on the books, no matter how archaic and discriminatory as that may seem. Having an executive that can nullify any law they see fit isn’t really a good idea if you care about maintaining, you know, any sense of legal order. For a certain constitutional law professor, this seems to be lost. If I could just change things to be the way I wanted by saying so, that’d be pretty cool to. It would also make me grotesquely powerful in ways that remind me of a dictator or king. 

    Obama is neither of those things, yet his lackadaisical (is it racist if I say it too?) disregard for following his own law should be cause for concern, no matter what President is in power. It’s like having the legislation for the war in Afghanistan fail in Congress, but the President blowing the country and the Taliban to hell without congressional authority. Oh wait, that’s kinda what Obama did with Libya. 

    It seems that one of the main issues is that no one really seems to care or call him out on this disregard for his crowning legislative achievement. When Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the that you can find out what is in it”, I think she meant that we would be happy to find out what is in it. Turns out, most Americans are getting sicker and sicker of it. 

    For someone who speaks of caring about the little guy, how we can expand coverage to those who need it, and how we won’t let big businesses run our healthcare system, it sure seems like he is accomplishing the opposite.