I can hear you now. All of You. by Christopher Blakeley

    So Glenn Greenwald revealed to the world what most of us who care about civil liberties had assumed feared was happening: the government collecting data about how we communicate in our daily lives for...no apparent reason? Would that be disturbing? Or would it be even more disturbing if we knew the reason!  Nice timing on Greenwald's part as well... 

   This is not a good thing for President Obama, his administration is attempting to place Listerine strips on top of garlic knot breath when dealing with the whole APBengazhIRS shebang. Unfortunately for them, this will not add to the level of trust that Americans, particularly MIllenials, have for their government over the course of the Recovery from the Fiscal Crisis that was administrations and years in the making. 

    This also plays into a deeply frightening narrative: that under Obama Administration’s governance, there have been extensions of the already troubling civil liberties violations of the Bush Administration foreign, and domestic, counter-terrorism policy. Oof. No one wants to swallow that. 

    It will be interesting to see how the Republicans can frame this while boosting their own image but not look gloating and relentless. Then again, it is politics. Not that I believe the GOP will make good choices, but just an appetizer of thought before the feast of media coverage that this will be getting.