WTF Is Up with the Zimmerman Trial Prosecution?            by Christopher Blakeley

Zimmerman Racist

    America always seems to be preoccupied with a trial, usually extensively covered by Nancy Grace. We’ve had Amanda Knox, Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, the Michael Jackson case, OJ Simpson, etc.  However, something different happened in the Zimmerman trial, which involves two of America’s biggest cultural concerns: racism and guns. 

    When the first case came to light, there was lots of speculation: was it a racially motivated action? Who attacked who? Did Han or Greedo shoot first?

    And then came the Twitter retaliation, like that time Spike Lee tweeted the address of a completely unrelated Zimmerman?

Or that time that CNN broadcast George Zimmerman’s Social Security Number

Or that time that an MSNBC guest joked that he may have gained weight to look weaker

Or that time that the New York Times called him a “White Hispanic”?

Or that time...

    At the end of the day, the George Zimmerman trial will not affect most of us in any tangible way. Yet, he media gets all worked up into a feeding frenzy as if it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Racism channel, avoiding issues like the larger-than-last-year protests in Egypt. The whole case has been centered around who was at fault, and was it racially motivated.

   And then you have things like a Salon article, highlighting the prosecution’s key witness, Rachel Jeanther social media activity indicates a non-credible witness on the issue at hand. They cite her photos of her “court nails”, smoking weed, and underage drinking, which leads to charges of a racist “smear” campaign. 

    I’m sorry, if ANYONE did these things, no matter their race, gender, sexuality, etc. there would be cause for concern, especially after Jeantel claimed she couldn’t read a letter she herself “wrote”. It doesn’t matter that she is an African American female, it matters that she has made poor choices and chosen to air them publicly, in the middle of being the main witness for the prosecution in a highly publicized case. 

    But at the end of the day, there is an infinitesimal chance that someone reading this will have a sway in the verdict of this case. We the People have spent enough time commenting on the situation, but the whole point of the court system is to settle things based on the facts, not based on Spike Lee, MSNBC, Nancy Grace, or your’s and my opinion.

    But, but...doesn’t our criminal justice system unfairly treat minorities? 


    But that doesn’t make it right to go on a smear campaign, against George Zimmerman the (white) Hispanic OR Rachel Jeantel. Leave the Oral Arguments to the lawyers, and save the commentary for things that really matter, like Jennifer Lopez performing for the dictator of Turkmenistan. TYRANNY!