Sibelius Speed Dial by Christopher Blakeley


    Kathleen Sibelius testified today, and admitted that she personally asked companies to support Obamacare, PPACA, or whatever your desired moniker is. My question is why is this news? Is anyone really surprised? George Stigler won a Nobel prize about this entire concept,regulatory capture, and how it leads to things like a phone call from Kathleen Sibelius. Congress *cough* Obama administration *cough* needed their help to pass the bill, and the bill would reward them with some provision. People are also up in arms about her "someone lives and someone dies" statement, which proves that death panels are obvisouly real: they are called the real world; most of us just don't want the government deciding what they are.

    The 2009 bill was so filled with pork it made Hill Country BBQ look like a kosher deli. Of course pandering and pleading was done to pass it, otherwise, it never would have. Whenever legislation an endeavor is as large a scale and as fragmented as Obama’s crowning legislative achievement, it will inevitably be too complex to put into practice effectively.

    I don’t need to sit here and debate the merits of the bill, the fact that the people who passed it, most of its promises, and all of its effects are not really what our representative democracy signed on for makes that argument almost irrelevant. At this point, it really is an interesting display to watch unfold, it’s like watching a house of cards, except its not starring Kevin Spacey and awesome and on Netflix.