What Difference Does It Make?: Duck Hunt + Beyonce 2.0 Edition                                                                                          by Christopher Blakeley


     Anyone think Beyonce lip synced at the Super Bowl? Great. Now we can move on. 

     Last week, Obama showcased to the world that he knew how to play Duck Hunt. The photo was met with, as to be expected, doubts and disses from the GOPposite side of the aisle, and no care in the world from his.

     Was the photo real, was it taken on the date he said it was?

     It just seems like a big pissing contest. It's like Secretary of State Kerry's content he released on his time in Vietnam with him in fatigues. It lets the People know you were there (not what you did).

     I don't give a crap if Obama has ever shot a gun. I don't care if he skeet shoots at Camp David.  Here's one thing I do give a crap about: the White House saying to the world that no one is allowed to photoshop or alter the photo

     Knock knock, Obama. Who's there? The Internet. 

     Anyone reading this site would probably have guessed that request failed miserably. I just find it interesting that they even thought a disclaimer would do anything. It only made the pictures more viral. It, like much else from the administration, is an "I know best attitude", even when reality says otherwise. Just because you know best doesn't mean that what you know is right. Did that disclaimer, like much of the verbiage and vitriol that comes from Establishment politics, have any effect on the outcome?

     This seems to be a common theme with executive branches of government. Over time, their power grows. And now we hear that the Cabinets have a gag order on the sequester?  I thought we were going to have the most transparent administration ever.  That’s what really bothers me. The whole finger wagging like that annoying substitute teacher you hated who changed the rules of the classroom because the kids in the class offended their sensibilities. If you were honest and transparent about what was happening (a pipe dream I know), the paternalism would be a bit more digestible. 

     I doubt we’ll be able to move past the PC holier than thou nature of our political discourse in the near future. And so, because Obama told me and everyone else in America not to…