"What Difference Does It Make?": Beyonce Edition by Christopher Blakeley

    We shouldn’t talk about the content of the inagural address; that would keep the focus on the fact that there wasn’t much more but, as Andrew Coyne of the National Post said, “a full throated defense of liberalism”. The standard fare is here, “revamp our tax code, reform our schools, and empower our citizens”. I have a hard time seeing providing more programs and benefits is empowering, but that’s a different argument for a different post. 

    My main focus here is that we spend so much time talking about whether or not  Beyonce lip synced at the inauguration. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. She sang it at one point in time, and we all know what she sounds like. It’s not like we are confusing her and Taylor Swift and saying to ourselves, “Wait a minute...that’s not Beyonce...damn you corporation inaugural committee!"

    I began to wonder...no, know that our country continues to seep itself in minor distractions like abortion (it's not going away), contraceptive (see public schools, Planned Parenthood, hospitals, private practices, seek and ye shall find), gay marriage (just ask Obama on Federalism). We could be talking about how we have troops in Mali or the wonderful political theater of Ms. Clinton's Benghazi testimony, or any number of issues that actually make a difference

    We can also take a cue from VP Joe Biden in how not to talk about gun control, namely telling people to buy shotgun shells. That one was rich. He didn't even default to pistol clips, went straight for a higher amount of damage per shot. One heartbeat away...

    It's hard to make people care when they don't see how it affects their life. I wasn't shocked when I saw 2% of my paycheck gone after January 1st, but most of my Democrat friends were. The question becomes how can we get people to focus on that which is important; that is something that is different for everyone, but nothing will really matter if economic calamity due to inflation, also known as Quantitative Easing, or monetizing the debt, ending with economic collapse. I know to most Americans this idea is very far fetched; but most Americans don’t read at the themes and trends in the fall of great empires. We just figured that we’re beyond that and that won’t happen to us. If only we could be the first to defy arithmetic. 

    I think the problem of us paying attention to history class has the same root as why we focus on Beyonce’s lipsyncing: in the age of too much media and commentary, we only want to focus on the fluff and nice stuff, because we hear the stories of atrocious rape in India, civil liberties violated in innumerable ways in China, violence and death in Syria. It’s not fun to read about, and it’s easy to tune out when you hear about the Federal Reserve, or debt ceiling, fiscal cliff, etc. It’s easier to hear about how one of the biggest performers in the music industry may or may not have sang live at the second inauguration where American viewers was so excited to see the President that it dropped 46% in viewrship.

    It doesn’t matter if you have Beyonce, what we really need is some straight up discussion about how to deal with our serious problems, like the stuff going down in Mali. Everyone said Lybia was totally successful, and then we had Bengazhi. My point is that foreign aggression begets trouble that we can’t anticipate. It’s a phenemon the CIA acknowledged and defined as blowback. We’d be best to remember that before not after action. That includes foreign and domestic policy. Let’s focus on what matters and is good, instead of the constant name calling and bickering. That last sentence sounded so cliche and like it was spoken from a politician's mouth, possibly even Obama's. 

    Until Washington and the Media can do that, we’ll just keep on listening to Single Ladies to hear what Beyonce’s voice sounds like, live or lip synced. And tune D.C. out.